The Jungle Jenny Show Creates Awareness for Wild Life Through Education

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Segments Include:

Creatures Of: Learning All About Wildlife Around The World 

The Features Of Creatures: Teaching The Basic Anatomy Of Creatures

Captive Care: Creating Healthy & Happy Habitats For Your Creature Companions

Captive Crisis: Exotic Animals Living In Captivity & The Captive Wildlife Crisis

Captive Conservation: Saving Species Through Captive Breeding & Reintroduction Programs

Conservation Crisis: Addressing Threats To Conservation Challenges Worldwide

Endangered HandS:  Spotlighting The World’s Most Endangered Habitats and Species

Guide Trackers: Tracking Animals With The World’s Best Guides

Go Get Wild!:  Firsthand Observations & Victories From The Field 

Creature Rescues: Rescuing Animals Needing Special Care & Home Habitats

Mad About Madagascar:  Discussing Issues That Make JJ Mad About Madagascar

For Your Awareness:  Myths Vs. Facts & Creating Wild Life Awareness


Special Edition Segments:

The Wildlife Edition & The Eco Edition: Covering the latest news, headlines, investigative reports & more!



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