Why In The Wild … Are We Losing Our Natural Habitats?

WHY IN THE WILD is an educational segment of The Jungle Jenny Show which covers just one of the 5 pillars (4W’s & 1H) of Jungle Journalism.


Exploring all corners of the world, Jungle Jenny discovers why these cool creatures are losing their natural habitats and explains how these activities are changing the environment irrevocably.


JJ encourages her audience to pay attention to all living things including: animals, plants, bacteria, algae, fungi, etc and the nonliving things including: rocks, mountains, streams, lakes, rain, snow, and even clouds, oxygen, and carbon dioxide and recognize and accept we are all interconnected.





Habitats Of The World


The Rainforest

The Deserts

The Grasslands


The Oceans

The Polar Regions

Urban Environments



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For More On Endangered Habitats & Species Go To: Endangered HandS

Solutions Are Available – The Choice is Ours To Make

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