Wild Life Awareness Through Education

About The Jungle Jenny Foundation

“Until we become fully aware and consciously connect with the world and develop a whole system approach to sustainable change to CORRECT, PROTECT & RESTORE our planet while understanding that it is essential to CONSERVE, PRESERVE & RESERVE our investment in what we all call home, A.K.A. Mother Earth – we will not survive” – Jungle Jenny.

The Jungle Jenny Foundation is attacking “The Heart Of The Problem” our planet is facing today.  Whether we recognize it or not, every person, community, and society in the world has entered a state of global emergency.  The planet’s sustainable resources are being depleted and this crisis is calling for change.  The dangers and opportunities being presented in the world at this time are crucial and this crisis is a symptom of a much larger problem; the current state of our consciousness.  This condition of global emergency is our call to action.  Conscious change is our opportunity to address the very root of the concern that is causing the unsustainability.

Our relationship with nature needs to be addressed.  Jungle Jenny, an advocate for our natural world, encourages every person to recognize, accept and develop their relationship with nature.  She believes we all have the ability to make changes in our lives that will make an impact on the quality of life for all.  By making conscious choices and changing our habits for our habitats now, we will ensure our path to survival.  By shifting the way we think and interconnect with each other and our natural world, WE – the people of the planet can collectively bring the change we need. Jungle Jenny is shifting her “ME consciousness” into “WE consciousness”.

JJ believes “education is the key” to reviving the health of our planet.  Based on this belief, the “CPR Earth” and “Glocal Acts” initiatives were created. These initiatives highlight individuals/organizations that are working together globally and locally towards sustainable change, transformation and planetary consciousness.  She believes WE must evolve as a whole and become responsible and effective agents of our society’s change and transformation in order to survive on this planet. 

Our Great Mother Earth is facing enormous challenges at this time.  She is suffocating and needs to be REVIVED NOW before it’s too late.  By uncovering the causes of the Earth’s sicknesses, the human community can choose the right treatment for the health of our planet and all who inhabit the Earth.  We can still breath life back into our planet!

In most regions of the world, the warming & waste in the atmosphere is threatening the security of the planet internationally.  Every living system on Earth is currently in decline.

Our Parent-System (our biosphere) is sick.  Our Sub-System (the economy) is reducing our quality of life.  Our Sustaining-System (our ecology) is becoming more unstable.  These waste-making systems are destroying LIFE.

The key to surviving this extinction crisis is to understand that WE ARE NATURE.

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE.  When our Planet is not in harmony, it reflects in the overall health of Planet Earth.  It is written: “In Nature, there are neither rewards nor punishment, merely consequences!”  Allow yourself to walk in Beauty, Love & Harmony.

To learn more & discover how you can help REVIVE our GEM (Great Earth Mother):

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